• Knowing what's getting in.
  • Knowing how it got in.
  • Get it out.
  • Make sure it doesn't happen again. (And back it up with the BEST warranty in the industry)


Two of the great things about living in Georgia are the beautiful sceneries and the abundant wildlife. Provided that wildlife stays out in the wild! They especially love to enter during the cooler times of year. And with so many available access points to our homes and attics, it's a very common issue here. 

Our attics are warm (compared to outside) and offer a degree of security and protection for animals. Plus there's no rent... 

As most people who've dealt with an animal intrusion, soon find out;

* they're relentless- Animals that are classified as "territorial" have a determination that is truly remarkable. Mainly due to pheromones some animals in North GA are exceptionally difficult to get rid of. 

* pheromones are an issue - Once one enters and urinates somewhere, pheromones are present. Squirrels from all around pick up on this scent. - Females will also intentionally "mark" attics with pheromone to attract a suitor.

* Wood, aluminum, plastic, even copper water pipes can equal exercise for wildlife animals. Armed with teeth stronger than IRON the type of material used becomes extremely important in resolving the problem. 


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