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​Save 10% on Attic Clean Up &

Save 15% on Attic Disinfection/Fogging!

Great deal & fast service and results.
Couldn't really ask for more out of a bad situation. The inspector was knowledgeable and explained everything very well (even for me!) regarding our critter issue. The crew guys were friendly and courteous. The price was great (compared to others) and the results of a critter free home were realized promptly. A+ for All Clear!

Kudzu review.

Best in town
Tony was very thorough with his explanation of the services provided. The lifetime guarantee was very appealing. The service guys were professional and courteous. I'm confident our critters are gone and I know these guys will take care of the problem if they come back. The price was the lowest for comparable services so you can't beat that!

Kudzu review.

  • Mosquito Yard Treatment (Mar - Oct)
  • Attic Cleanup Service (Basic and Full)
  • Attic Disinfection Service (Fogging)
  • Attic Insulation Removal
  • Gutter Covers & More...

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Save Up To $200 on Full Exclusion Services​.

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  • Squirrels & Flying Squirrels
  • Rats & Bats
  • Raccoons & Snakes
  • Trapping & More...


Wildlife Control

  • Interior & Exterior Drainage Systems (Dirt and Concrete)
  • Vapor Barriers & Sump Pumps
  • Mold Remediation
  • Crawlspace Cleanouts and Disinfection

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All Clear Attics is a local family owned business based in Kennesaw, GA.

 We understand that your home is your most valuable asset, and treating it that way is what makes us different.  

We help our customers to fully understand what is going on with their home, how any problems may have started, and how we will resolve the issue.  

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