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Animal Services Include;

  • Squirrels (Flying and Grey)
  • Rats
  • Bats
  • Raccoon
  • Opossum
  • Snakes

Wildlife Exclusions - Includes Lifetime Warranty.

Squirrel and Rat Service (includes flying squirrels)

When dealing with Squirrels and Rats you must keep in mind that, though they look different, they're both rodents. When rodents enter a home and leave droppings and urine behind, that urine has pheromones in it. Those pheromones are not easy for humans to detect (we usually don't even notice) but a squirrel or rat can smell them for miles! The pheromones act as an attractant and "marker" for themselves and potential mates, they create problems for homeowners who do not want to live with them.

Most homes in Georgia have a "builders" gap or "construction" gap along the roof line. Underneath that last layer of shingles near the gutters is a gap. This gap varies in size and does not serve a purpose, but it does cause two very common problems in Georgia homes - Wildlife entry and Water entry.  (click here for our waterproofing page)

While this gap is by no means an animal's only way in, it is usually the original and most common entry point. Even extremely small gaps have been chewed to tennis ball-sized holes in a day or two. 

This gap combined with the pheromones and the time and ability squirrels and other rodents have is why partial exclusions and trapping programs do not resolve the issue.

All Clear Attics' Wildlife Exclusions work and are backed by our lifetime warranty!